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Builder for Marketers

The pixel-perfect, drag-and-drop builder lets you quickly create, launch, and optimize digital assets, like landing pages, pop-ups, microsites or one-pagers. Turn more traffic into revenue using our builder that supports your marketing and sales efforts.

Build your pages with 11 widgets, including a pay now button, countdown timer and HTML embed. Browse an extensive library of 400+ fully customizable landing page and section templates.

AI Assistance

Experience the future of landing page creation with Landingi’s AI-powered features.

AI + Text: Elevate your content game with conversion-focused copy that captivates your audience with words that resonate.

AI + SEO: Optimize your landing pages for search engines to stand out online and capture valuable organic traffic.

AI + Image: Edit and transform your visual content directly in the builder without the need to use external tools.

Smart Sections

Gain control over multiple projects and campaigns with Smart Sections that let you apply changes to many pages simultaneously.

Reduce time spent on creating campaigns and align pages to your branding, style, and tone.


A no-code and built-in tracking tool in your Dashboard that tracks micro-conversions (events) on your landing page. No configuration required.

Track events, such as scroll depth, form initiation or error for each form separately, image clicks and custom events.

The only landing page builder available with Semrush

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Our Infrastructure




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„So easy, so informative, so powerful!!!”
What do you like best about Landingi?
Best feature is the ease of use, the guide with cjheck list to help create awesome landing pages that work ensures you cover everything which speads up the process.
John Paul T.
CEO, Small-Business
„Very useful and helpful tool”
What do you like best about Landingi?
I’ve been using landingi for a few years now and it’s one of the easiest and most straightforward ways of setting up landing pages. I love how it can integrate easily into WordPress and you can get your page up within just minutes.
Danny F.
Lead Trainer, Small-Business
„I Was Finally Able To Build A Landing Page”
What do you like best about Landingi?
What I like best about Landingi is that it is relatively easy to use, and I finally built an excellent landing page. I have been trying with two other platforms for several weeks and have been utterly unsuccessful because it was so complicated.
Lorraine E.
Co-Founder and CEO Small-Business
„Great Price | High Quality | Easy To Use”
What do you like best about Landingi?
I love how simple it is to edit/design a landing page and how many integrations and features are included with such a reasonable price point co pared to other landing page softwares.
Nick J.
Digital Advertising Specialist, Small-Business
98% POSITIVE REVIEWS (based on 4,432 responses)

100% Human Support

No chatbots or AI here! Our team is made up of real people, always ready to assist you.
98% POSITIVE REVIEWS (based on 4,432 responses)

100% Human Support

No chatbots or AI here! Our team is made up of real people, always ready to assist you.

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